Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented

Honors and Advanced Placement Programs

The Board of Education of the Delsea Regional School District recognizes the need to expand and solidify the college preparatory curricula to provide the students of this district with college entrance skills which are compatible to, and competitive with, the skills of academic students in other post-secondary institutions in the nation. These programs will also address the rigorous learning needs of gifted and twice-exceptional students. It is, therefore, the intention of this Board of Education to implement special academic curricula in grades seven through twelve via a phase-in designated as Honors and Advanced Placement courses, which together function through an articulated and graduated program process from Honors courses in the lower grade levels to Advanced Placement programs in grades 10, 11 and 12.

Policy used to identify students as Gifted & Talented students:

Policy 2464 - Gifted and Talented Students (M)   

(will be updated in 2020-21 to reflect NJDOE updates)

Procedures used to identify students:

The Honors and Advanced Placement courses are open to any student who has the prerequisite and wishes to participate in these programs; however, students must be willing to complete all of the necessary course work involved with the program.  Students who demonstrate high classroom achievement through multiple measures will be advised to pursue these academic tracks. This should not limit other students interested in Honors/AP courses from pursuing these opportunities. The following recommended selection criteria should be considered and will be reviewed with the students and parents through an individual conference prior to admission into the Honors or Advanced Placement courses.

The student should:

  • Be able to accelerate in an academic program
  • Demonstrate a high reading ability
  • Be an avid reader
  • Achieve high grades in his/her subjects
  • Possess excellent writing skills
  • Possess strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Possess a good understanding of math computation skills
  • Be proficient in general academic abilities
  • Be independent learners
  • Be self-motivated
Continuum of services offered to G&T students:
  • Differentiated instruction is practiced at all grade levels and content areas to meet the needs of all students in classrooms on a daily basis. Through the use of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping, teachers tailor instruction to challenge and motivate students. 
  • Students in middle and high school have the opportunity to take honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The rigorous honors classes are offered in grades 7-12. The high school AP courses are college-level classes that allow students an opportunity to receive college credit based on AP test scores.
  • In addition, the district offers a variety of CTE courses that allow the nontraditional and twice-exceptional students an opportunity to take classes within a specific career/technical education cluster. After completing the three course series, students are able to receive articulated credits at local colleges and test for and receive industry certifications/credentials.   
Criteria used for consideration for eligibility for the G&T services:

Students who demonstrate high classroom achievement (through student performance or products, parent and/or student requests, and/or teacher recommendations, and other appropriate measures), exceeded expectations in NJSLA, and/or are identified as AP/Honors potential through PSAT results will be advised to pursue these academic tracks. This should not limit other students interested in Honors/AP courses from pursuing these opportunities. 

Identification and scheduling begins in the early winter and continues throughout the spring through the student support personnel in each building.

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