Mercury Test Results

Mercury Test Results
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We’d like to update you on recent issues with the high school weight room.

First, a little background. The weight room was part of an addition which was added on to the high school in the late 1990s. The flooring in the room is rubberized and is installed using a special curing process. During that time mercury was legally used by most installers as an additive to the rubberized floor as part of that curing process.

Recently we became aware that schools around the state were finding mercury in similar projects, so we chose to test that area. Through an initial core test of the rubberized flooring, we found slightly elevated levels of mercury. This prompted two things: first, we immediately shut down the room and second, we initiated air quality testing to see if mercury vapors were present. The air quality testing took place on Tuesday, April 2, and we received the results on Thursday evening which, we are happy to report, show no mercury vapors detected in all of the areas that were sampled. You can find both results linked below.

While this is all very good news, we are still continuing our discussions with our professionals to determine if any further action needs to be taken to avoid potential future problems and to be as proactive as possible in ensuring that all of our students and staff continue learning and working in a safe environment.

Please see the attached Air Quality Test and Core Test results.